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Famous Man-Made Landmarks in the Midwest

Most of us consider that the Midwest is a boring place because we do not know about the amazing tourist attractions there. Those who know Midwest a little bit think that it is an area only for natural attractions and there is no famous man made landmarks in the Midwest. We have compiled a list of some amazing places that are man-made and you will be amazed to visit them.

Mount Rushmore 

This can be considered as the most famous man made landmarks in the Midwest. Mount Rushmore is famous for the sculptures of the presidents of the United States. It is present in South Dakota. It is especially important because the four presidents chosen for this sculpture are one of the best presidents of the United States because they helped to make and grow the United States to the greatest heights. You can go there and take a selfie with the four Presidents of the United States. It will be an amazing experience for history lovers.

Willis Tower

It was the tallest building of the world before 1988. It has 110 floors. The location of this building is in Illinois, Chicago. It has an observation deck and you can view the whole area from the highest place. This is purely man-made tourist attraction of the Midwest. The Observation Deck of this building is called the sky deck and it is present on the 103rd floor.

Gateway Arch

As evident by the name, it is an amazing structure in the Midwest. It was made to attract tourist to St. Louis, Missouri. It is a successful project because it has attracted a lot of tourist to that area. It is a completely man-made landmark and you can see it from a long distance also. People like to go there and take photos. At night, it presents an amazing view because of mesmerising lightning on the monument.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 

Most of us like Rock and Roll music. If you are one of Rock and Roll music lover, you will enjoy this landmark. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a Museum. It has all the details and items related to the artists and history of the rock and roll music. The building is also designed in a modern way. Those people who think that Midwest is not a good place for man-made tourist attractions, they should visit this place and it will prove them wrong.

Tyler Davison Fountain

This fountain is not the only centre point for the Cincinnati, Ohio but also a historical monument. It is very difficult to believe that the fountain was made in 1871 and it is still intact and attracting tourists. The people who love history and historical structures can visit this place.

When this fountain is running, people will be amazed by its beauty and sculpture. All of the parts of this fountain have a special meaning. Most of the structure represents that the fountain is enjoying the flow of the water. It is one of the historical men made tourist attraction of the Midwest.