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The Best Things You Can Do in Boracay.

When it comes to places you should visit in the Philippines, there is no doubt that the most suggested place to check out is definitely Boracay. And there is a good reason for that. 

Alongside the beautiful natural sceneries you’ll be getting, you’ll also be able to do a number of fun and joyous activities for the whole family to enjoy! From the beaches to the resorts, you’ll find that Boracay has it all for you! 

So make sure to book that next flight to Manila soon, because here are the best things you can do while in Boracay! 

Explore the White Beaches. 

When it comes to beautiful beaches across the world, you will always see Boracay as one of the Top 5 on that list. The beautiful white beaches of this island will leave anyone stunned! 

The 4km stretch of white sand, is divided into three stations, all having their own resorts and private beaches. All of which you can always check into as well. But since the whole beach is just 4km, you may find yourself really packed with other locals and tourists, so we suggest going here during less populated times. 

Putting the crowd aside, the white beaches paired with the azure see is nothing short of perfection, which is why this is one of the best things you can do in Boracay! 

Go island hopping. 

There are a number of surrounding islands near Boracay. Most of which is open to the public for exploration. So if you want to experience island hopping, then this is the best place to do it! 

Some of the most popular islands you can visit include Magic Island, which is well known for its turquoise waters, and it is also a really famous cliff-diving site where you can have up to five different platforms to dive from. You can also check out Crocodile island. Though it is named like that, there are no crocodiles here, instead, it is named as such because of the shape of the island! 

There are a ton of other islands you can check out near Boracay, so if you’re looking for adventure, then this is the place just for you! 

Explore the sea life. 

The sea life is more than alive in the shores of Boracay. In fact, they are so lively that you can explore it for yourself with crystal clear waters! 

Admiring the sea by the beach is definitely a calming experience, but if you want to take it up a notch then you can go ahead and dive into the seaside and explore the various sea lives under the water. From rich coral reefs to unique species of fish, you’ll find that there is a whole other world living right under the shores of Boracay! 


When it comes to the best islands you can visit in the Philippines, nay, the world, Boracay is definitely one of, if not, the best beaches to check out! Filled with white-sanded shores, islands to visit, and lush sea life to explore, you can do everything you’ve ever dreamed of on a beach here in Boracay, Philippines!