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The Top Best Cities to Visit in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a colorful and vigorous country! It is one that is filled with cultural wonders and urban jungles as well! 

From huge city skylines to desserts as far as the eyes can see, the UAE definitely has more to offer you than your typical tourist attraction filled country. It is one where you will be able to experience a different life overall! 

But with such a huge body of sand to cover, which ones should you visit first? I mean, you can’t visit all of them in just one trip, right? 

Well, this is why we’re here to help! Here, we listed the top three best cities to visit in the UAE, so buckle up and get ready! Because we’re starting with: 

#1 Dubai. 

The most popular and well-known city in the country, Dubai is the number one city to visit especially if you’re looking for tons of tourist attractions, lush deserts that you can explore, unlimited shopping sprees, and so much more! 

It is also the city that houses one of the most impressive architectural pieces out there, and the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa! Which you can visit and go to the top as well. 

But more than that, we also have the Dubai Mall, which is arguable, one of the largest malls you will ever visit! Alongside that, we also have multiples museums, theme parks, water parks, and even an artificial snow mountain! Dubai definitely has it all to satisfy your inner adventurer. 

#2 Abu Dhabi. 

The capital of the UAE comes in a close second, as this city is somewhat the total opposite of the urban jungle, Dubai. It is a city where you will be able to have an even more surreal experience and get more involved in Arabian culture as well. 

Here, you can visit the beautiful corniche, and the main attraction, the spectacular Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which we’re sure will get your mind-boggling. And along with these wonderful views, is the local food that will you mouthwatering before you know it! 

Either way, if you’ve come for the Grand Mosque of the great food, Abu Dhabi is an urban getaway for people who want more than just Dubai! 

#3  Ras Al Khaima. 

A historical and ancient city, Ras Al Khaima is the place for all of those who want to have the adventure of their lives! Thanks to the rocky mountains and long trails, it’s perfect for all of those looking for a fun outdoor type of activity. 

Here, you’ll be able to camp and hike all throughout, visiting multiple villages, seeing breathtaking sights, and most all of learning more about the history of UAE. 

Since Ras Al Khaima is a historical city, it is the best place to actually get to know how the UAE came to be. So for all of you who want to know more about the country, this city is the one for you! 


The United Arab Emirates is a country unlike any other. From desert wildlands to huge water parks. And dry fields as far as the eyes can see, to huge skyscrapers that reach the clouds, the UAE has it all and so much more for you! And now, you know just where to be for just about any activity you’ll be looking for!